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Executive Property Maintenance 

Executive Property Maintenance

A properly maintained yard adds curb appeal to your home and serves as a great place to entertain, or just relax. Whether you’re looking to outsource the headache of mowing, or more substantial maintenance is in order, leave it to Sharp Property Services. Ready to make your property a beautiful place?

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Power Washing

  • Residential Exterior Medium: $300.00
  • Residential Exterior Large: $400.00
  • Residential Exterior X-Large: $500.00

Gutter Cleaning

  • Medium: $425.00
  • Large: $450.00
  • X-Large: $600.00

Spring Cleanups

  • Power Rake, Aeration, Cut & Trim: $350.00
  • Power Rake, Aeration, Cut & Trim, Fertilization: $400.00
  • Power Rake, Aeration, Cut & Trim, Fertilization, Edge Cutting: $450.00

Gutter cleaning should be done in the spring and the fall and keep the gutters working like they’re supposed to.The longer you wait the bigger the job can get.Without proper maintenance, the water can over flow damaging your roof and your basement.

  1. Start at your downspouts to clear away any blockage.
  2. After Cleaning your downspouts run water in the gutters to check for any plugged downspouts and overflow.

Lawn Maintenance

Monthly Services Start at $350.00

Lawn Fertilization

$65.00 per application Seasonal Package (5 applications): $325.00

Over Seeding

Starting at $65.00 per application

Snow Removal Contract Upon Request

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